Kubit AI, a big player in the enterprise product analytics, came to us with an exciting request—to sprinkle some creative magic on their product story and give their website a fresh, engaging upgrade. After securing $18 million in funding, they were eager to shine a spotlight on what makes their product stand out and draw even more attention. So, we teamed up for a rebranding journey, creative characters, animated story and brand-new website full of energy and innovation!
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United States, CA 2023
Branding & story
3D Animations
Website design
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Conveying analytics product complexity and uniqueness through an engaging story, catchy characters, and user-friendly design.
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Alex Li
Alex Li, Founder/CEO Kubit

how it started

They came to us seeking to amplify their unique story. After exploring options, we shortlisted two styles: linear art and 3D animation; and landed on 3D. Through daily discussions and quick iterations, we efficiently solidified their brand identity. Keeping pace with startup urgency, we promptly brought their vision to life.

3d characters and animations

After that, we delved into crafting mini-stories for our characters. These bite-sized narratives became the foundation for understanding the essence and audience of the Kubit analytics platform. We meticulously refined these mini-stories, leveraging various AI tools like Mid-Journey to play with details. We navigated a middle ground, experimenting with numerous stories, ultimately narrowing down to a few core ones that became the basis for the holistic storytelling.

We created two characters representing the audience of Kubit's product - Product and Data teams. Typically, these teams operate independently, but Kubit stands out because these teams can collaborate together effectively through the Kubit analytics platform. This became our main goal to convey the collaboration and even friendship between the teams.

First, we played with the style and general vibe of the characters. We opted for a 3D, cute style to convey friendliness, harmony, openness, and connection, hoping it would appeal to users and the audience in general.

Secondly, we applied color psychology to distinguish the characters. The product character was assigned the color yellow, representing openness and energy, traits commonly associated with product managers. In contrast, data-focused individuals, known for their meticulousness and engagement with details and mathematics, were represented by the color blue.

Website design and development

Next, we aimed to translate these stories into a website with a solid UX/UI, ensuring seamless cohesion. We successfully brought this vision to life, incorporating animations and ensuring optimal website performance for engaging new users and lead generation. The website was built on Wordpress tech.

Also, we added a modern technique of dynamic background that changes colors. This not only gives the website a WOW hypnotic effect but also emphasises the concept of friendly collaboration between teams. Just as the blue and yellow blend seamlessly, the product and data teams work together in synergy, creating a dynamic force that combines both technical and product thinking. From tech perspective, the dynamic background was implemented coded rather than inserted animation.

Despite having great characters and a story, we didn't neglect the UX part to convey value to users. Kubit is a multipage website with various CTAs, forms, and sections, from educational videos to a full-fledged blog.

Here you can look at Kubit yourself

Project Team

Victoria Kravchenko — Creative Director
Lily Smirnova — Chief Strategist

Sergii Tomchuk — Senior Graphic Designer
Volodymyr Bohran — UI/UX Designer

Ostap Nykoliak — Senior Developer
Oleh Tykhovych — Developer

Kamal Buiafar — 3D/Motion Designer

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"We worked with Huuuman team on communication strategy and explainer video for our ITSkills4U program. The creative story, unique illustrations, and designs made the video bright and easy to follow for our big community. Love their easy and fast communication."
Daria Sehidi-Volchenko
Digital Skills Program Manager, AWS