AWS (Amazon Web Services) reached out to us to help them enhance their communication strategy and the process with their new ITSkills4U education program. The program offers free access to their top Certification Courses for Ukrainians all over the world. In just one year after the start, there were over 16,000 registered learners.
E-learning, Tech
EU, Luxembourg-Warsaw, 2023
Communication strategy
Social media
Email marketing
Video production


"Conveying analytics product complexity and uniqueness through an engaging story, catchy characters, and user-friendly design. "Great job there!"

Daria Sehidi-Volchenko
Digital skills program manager, AWS


Together with AWS, we embarked on the journey of restarting the ITSkills4U program. Our challenge was to make it clear that anyone, even those without a tech background, can start learning cloud technologies to enhance their careers in both IT and non-IT sectors. We also aimed to structure communication across various channels, from email and social media to multiple messenger groups. To achieve this, we defined a suitable tone of voice for each channel, provided guidelines and templates for team communication, and advised on content types to better engage with their audience. We equipped our client team with everything they need for effective communication to grow their community - from strategic guidelines to monthly editorial calendars and weekly social media planners. We also developed a series of template messages that they can use for their day-to-day communication for different channels - emails, posts, etc.


To engage their audience more effectively with the AWS new program, we created a unique animated video with a catchy story that inspires people to overcome their fear of new tech knowledge, join the community and start learning new things. We aimed to showcase diverse audiences in the video, including both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy individuals with two diverse characters, demonstrating that everyone can easily learn from AWS new program. In a light and engaging manner - during the characters’ conversation, we highlighted all the extra benefits for participants that included complimentary language courses, job fair invitations, additional trainings in small groups, etc.

The results and impact

The program's main goal is a social responsibility in aiding Ukrainians during challenging times, regardless of their background. The program attracted thousands of people, leading to numerous participants gaining new experiences and securing positions in the new field for them. In just one year after the start, there were over 16,000 registered learners and it is still growing.

Here you can look at the ITSKILLs4U program yourself

Project Team

Lily Smirnova — Chief Strategist
Victoria Kravchenko — Creative Director

Yuliia Pishvanova — Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Danylo Reznychenko — Motion Designer

Nataliya Arkhipova — UI/UX Designer

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"Huuuman team has been great to work with. High quality design work, responsive team, very professional and fast working.  They are my go to for website work."
Brian Benedict
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