The Arcee team approached us seeking a rapid development of their brand and digital presence. With their product launch on the horizon, every element required careful attention to detail in their product packaging. It had to be attention-grabbing, dynamic, and communicate the right narrative effectively, winning the hearts of future investors and users ❤️ Within just 3 months, we crafted their branding guide, website, and unique sales decks tailored exclusively to them. Their compelling product, ambitious founding team, and captivating brand, in a digitally-wrapped package, successfully secured their initial investments!
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United States, FL 2023
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Arcee ai

"Huuuman team has been great to work with. High quality design work, responsive team, very professional and fast working. They are my go to for website work."

Brian Benedict
Co-Founder Arcee Ai

How it started
MVB, Minimum Viable Brand

From the very beginning, it had that startup vibe. We kicked off by swiftly crafting a simple one-pager in just a few days. Following that, we quickly developed the logo and established a basic style guide, maintaining the rapid pace. Then, it was time to delve into our next task – the Arcee website, often referred to as the ‘digital face of the product’.

We chose pink tones because what Arcee is associated with refers to the first female robot in Transformers, and she is usually depicted in pink tones. These colors formed the foundation, and we played with the balance, saturation, and various shades to enhance the overall vibrancy.

Website Design and Development

Our journey culminated in the creation of their website, a project with iterations due to evolving statements and Arcee  offerings. We empathized with our client, understanding that as they were in startup mode, their story and value propositions were still taking shape. We worked hand-in-hand with Arcee to deliver a solid marketable version of their website.

Long-term partnership

We continue supporting Arcee’s growth and traction phase with various marketing assets, animated product explainers, and website updates🚀

Here you can look at Arcee yourself
Arcee AI

Project Team

Lily Smirnova — Chief Strategist
Victoria Kravchenko — Creative Director

Volodymyr Bohran — UI/UX Designer
Nadiia Shyndor — Webflow Developer

Next project

endocare CLinic

UAE, Dubai, 2023
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"You guys went above and beyond for us to create the best possible outcome for our look and feel - from a logo to website to visual communication."
Janik Schmalhorst
Co-Founder of Endocare Clinical