The masterminds behind Endocare, approached us with a visionβ€”to revolutionize weight management through a cutting-edge clinic in Dubai. The goal was to create a unique identity that reflected innovation, professionalism, energy, and care, setting Endocare apart in the competitive healthcare landscape.
Healthtech, medical
UAE, Dubai, 2023
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Website design
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Endocare clinic

"You guys went above and beyond for us to create the best possible outcome for our look and feel - from a logo to website to visual communication. You took no shortcuts and challenged us where necessary in the pursuit of perfection. Your competence and tireless efforts need to be highlighted. We are really happy with the output and hope to work together again in the future. Thanks again to you and the team."

Janik Schmalhorst
Co-Founder of Endocare Clinical

How it started:
Strategic sessions

Our journey kicked off with strategy sessions to define core elements that became the backbone of Endocare's unique brand: Innovation & technology, Professionalism and expertise (medical), and Energy and care.

Branding concepts

The Endocare symbol, resembling a circle with two distinct yet complementary parts, symbolizes the balance between technology, professionalism, and energy with care.

Colors and Fonts
Opting for purple conveyed innovation and harmony, while orange, contrary to traditional healthcare choices, represented energy and care. Rounded curves in the fonts reinforced these brand characteristics.

Endocare digital presence.
Website design and development

Translating these concepts into a comprehensive communication strategy was the next phase, encompassing social media, website with user-frienldy mobile experience. The color choices, font styles, and visual components were carefully structured to communicate the program's qualities effectively. The website's user-friendly design ensured easy navigation, information accessibility, and user engagement.

Results and Impact

In a nutshell, our collaboration with Endocare wasn't just about creating a brand; it was about disrupting the wellness scene in Dubai and beyond. We're thrilled to be part of a journey that's not just changing the game but rewriting the rules of holistic weight management. 🌟

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Project Team

Victoria Kravchenko β€” Creative Director
Lily Smirnova β€” Chief Strategist
Anna Sabov-Shabat β€” Graphic Designer
Yuliia Pishvanova β€” Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Volodymyr Bohran β€” UI/UX Designer
Ostap Nykoliak β€” Senior Developer
Oleh Tykhovych β€” Developer

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"Huuuman creative team helped us define what we stand for as a brand. From brand strategy to its implementation, they guided us on how to make our Anecdote brand noticed. Dedication, details-orientation, and speed are some of the features we value while working with them."
Abed Kasaji, Co-Founder of Anecdote