Given Anecdote, ADVANCED AI TEXT PRODUCT ANALYTICS ENGINE, used to operate on the market with minimum identity and maxim focus on product quality, they reached out to us in order to create a strong tech-driven brand that sticks in the minds of users, create emotional connection and highlight its product quality.
Tech, AI
USA, UK, 2023
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"Huuuman creative team helped us define what we stand for as a brand. From brand strategy to its implementation, they guided us on how to make our Anecdote brand noticed. Dedication, details-orientation, and speed are some of the features we value while working with them."

Abed Kasaji
Co-Founder, Anecdote

How it started:
Strategic sessions and first brand concepts

As the first step, we delved into the market and competition to understand the general landscape. During several workshops with the client, we focused on defining what could set Anecdote apart from rivals and what the hook could be. We identified their brand archetype, which included a mixture of Sage and Jester, created a fundamental brand architecture with their mission, vision, values, and reasons to believe with the story. As a result, we suggested going with their own mascot that would build an emotional connection with their brand and users across their communication channels, including social media, website, and the app itself. The unique concept 'Elephant in the room' transfers the main idea of listening to all their customers' end-users across the internet and providing insights into what they say about their product.

Comprehensive Brand Book

As a result of our strategic work, we delivered a total new look and feel for Anecdote with a comprehensive Brand Book, including a new logo used with the mascot, colors, fonts, icons, etc. This was further enhanced with social media visual presence templates, Zoom backgrounds, personal profiles of employees, branded items, custom-designed pitch deck, and later on, visual design for conference booth. We also provided several types of the elephant mascot for different use cases.

Website design and development

In our next phase, we undertook the creation of a new website design that aligns intricately with the details of the new branding. The central emphasis was on conveying the atmosphere of the new mascot as well as Anecdote top product functionalities, designed to facilitate smooth and engaging interactions with users. This strategic approach aimed to foster increased user engagement, encouraging individuals to utilize the app as a result.

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Project Team

Victoria Kravchenko — Creative Director
Lily Smirnova — Chief Strategist

Victor Hupalo — Senior Graphic Designer
Volodymyr Bohran — UI/UX Designer

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United States, CA 2023
Tech, AI
Branding & story
3D Animations
Website design
Website development
Conveying analytics product complexity and uniqueness through an engaging story, catchy characters, and user-friendly design.
"Great job there!"

Alex Li, Fouder/CEO Kubit